Chipping Norton Skater Hockey Club's Code of Conduct




 Chipping Norton Skater Hockey Club aims to promote the sport of Skater Hockeyin a spirit of friendly competition, and respect for each other, opponents,spectators. We encourage all players and deliver an inclusive ethos, intraining and at matches. We will continue to facilitate individual developmentby playing all players equally. Club members should remember that they arerepresenting the club at all times when involved in the sport of Skater Hockey.





    Are expected to abide by thefollowing code of conduct 


   1.      Always play within the rules andrespect officials, coaches and committee member’s decisions.


   2.      All players to be treated with equalrespect, regardless of their playing ability, age, sex and ethnic background.All players are to be encouraging to all team members/players at all times, andnot use intimidating or insulting language.


   3.      Skater Hockey is a full contact sportbut unnecessary, aggressive contact will not be tolerated.


   4.      To keep to agreed timings fortraining and competitions, or to inform their coach or team manager if they aregoing to be late or cannot attend. If a player is late attending a trainingsession they will be asked to wait a few minutes until the next drill begins,to avoid the coach having to repeat instructions.


   5.      During a training session permissionby the coach must be obtained before leaving the training session/court., toensure that the coach knows the whereabouts of the players at all times.


   6.      Players must wear all suitable kit oncourt at training and matches: skates, leg pads, box, shorts , elbow pads,gloves, body armour, neck guard and helmet with full face cage.


   7.      Respect the facilities and the rulesof all sports venues at all times. Skates must only be worn in designatedskating areas. 



Parents, guardians, carers and club officials


    Are expected to abide by thefollowing code of conduct 


   1.      To encourage players to learn therules and play within them. Discourage unfair play or arguing with officials andcoaches. 


   2.      To set a good example by recognisingfair play, applauding all performances, not just results.


   3.      To treat all players and parents withequal respect, regardless of their playing ability, age, sex and ethnicbackground.


   4.      To respect  officials, coaches  and committee member’s decisions. 


   5.      All concerns/issues  that are raised either at training or atmatches are to be taken up with the team manager in the first instance.


   6.      Never force a child to take part inthe sport, punish or belittle them for losing or making mistakes.


   7.       To use correct and positive language at alltimes.


   8.      To encourage players to acceptresponsibility for their own performance, behaviour and demonstrate goodsportsmanship.


   9.      All fees are to be payable on timeunless otherwise agreed by the committee. 


Disciplinary procedure


 If a breach of this code of conductoccurs, the individual will be subject to the following disciplinaryprocedure/actions. The following actions will be decided on a case by casebasis, and may result in any or all of the following actions:


   1.      To be given a verbal warning


   2.      To leave the court and miss theremaining training session or match


   3.      A ban of 2 matches/training sessions.


   4.      Expulsion from the Club insevere/repeated breaches.


   5.      Any other action that is deemednecessary by the disciplinary committee.  


  The coach, will have discretion at the time toimplement whatever disciplinary action that is deemed necessary . All actions will be recorded in the club disciplinary records, and may result in the mattergoing to the disciplinary committee. The disciplinary committee consist ofCoach, Child Welfare Officer and Chairperson.